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Live in the garden state of New Jersey (NJ)? Are you located in the tri-state area? Do you reside in Pennsylvania (PA) or even New York City (NYC)? Not a problem, we’ll be sure to provide you with our custom woodworking service.


Need help with kitchen and cabinet installation? We got the answers.

We’ll go through all the troubleshooting, all you have to do is enjoy our service. There is nothing that we can’t take on with the dedicated professionals that we have to offer.


Want a custom molding and trim? Not a problem.

We offer plenty of designs which can add a personal touch into your home. There is not a better way to add some definition into your residence!

fireplace mantel

Fascinating fireplace mantels! We offer the best.

Enjoy your fireplace like never before with a custom fireplace mantel! We’ll make sure it’s exactly how you want it. What more can you ask for on a snowy day?


Need assistance with bookshelves and wall units? We’ll gladly help.

Envision the perfect place to place your books and accessories and we’ll do the rest for you! We’ll make sure you’re satisfied and comfortable with the new addition to your home. Our customers are always asking for new ways to improve their homes!

Custom woodwork, caprentry work

Custom woodworking. You can count on us.

Decorative columns, windows seats, wine cellars, and closets, all services are available to you. What’s even better is that we can customize whatever you like. So give us a challenge, this is what we are here for!

About us

L. Wrazen LLC is a custom woodworking company with highly skilled, professional carpenters improving homes throughout New Jersey. With over twelve years of experience we have the knowledge to troubleshoot and answer any questions that you may have. Our workforce always shows dedication no matter what the task, because they know the true meaning of custom and giving every home a sense of originality. We can even assist you with making difficult decisions, which is highly based on the experience we have developed with customers over the years. To top it off, we will even make sure that the price is affordable for you.

Our custom woodwork company is known to do it right. We have three main priorities for every job. The first is cleanliness, because we know a clean environment is safe and more efficient. The second priority is being proficient, because we want to make sure we do it right the first time. Last but not least is being swift. We know our customers usually have a limited time frame, and we know our customers expect the best, so that is exactly what we have to offer.


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